Online Teaching

The Key to Reaching, Teaching & Keeping More Students Online & Off

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:



Within the first fifteen minutes of their very first Alexander Technique Lesson
We can teach new students how to direct themselves using TheCyCle™.
It's the 1st of the EaseÉtudes™, the graduated system of home study
activities that really fast track a student's progress between classes.

Empowerment Leads To Longevity



Success with inhibition is central to one's success with the Technique. M.J. is a
foundational movement study that leads students step by step to a practical
understanding of how to apply inhibition to improve their Use: Which puts
them on the road to makinig real Improvement in their daily activities.

Self-Improvement Builds Mega-Motivation



Without being able to use your hands to transmit and receive direction

Clarity and Simplicity Create Confidence