The 3 Secrets To

Creating Demand For

Your Alexander Teaching



The Alexander Technique is truly one of the most valuable human discoveries ever made (which we all know from personal experience.)


Why aren't there hordes of people constantly beating down our doors in order to pay us to teach them how to improve the way they do just about anything?


This is a many faceted question that certainly deserves a nuanced answer

But, When you get right down to it...

It's pretty simple...

What They Want
And Think They Need...

Is NOT What We Appear
To Be Offering Them!

So how do we get 

started changing this?

It’s Incredibly frustrating to know the people out there are in need and we can help them If only we could make them understand. There’s a huge gap


hours for dollars

They should all want what I'm selling.

When there's someone you know you can help a tremendous amount And you can't make the sale, part of me is really bummed out and part of you saying screw them.It's their loss.Deep down it's a rejection, it hurts.Especially when you know that it would be a great fit with them.

The hands, on one on one business model is outdated.

Too much competition with practitioners who can promise instant results get paid and then ultimately fail to solve the problem

Go through all the why don't people want to study the Alexander technique posts. Ask the question again in the group

I believe that there is more opportunity for us is Alexander teachers right here right now the has ever been in history of the technique.
When I think about where the world was back in 1972 when I first started studying… Fringe activities have become main stream.

List all the reasons why the Alexander technique is the best.

Then The question is why are we still struggling....

2020 may Prove to be the beginning of a new era for the Alexander work.

It's not why you think

The problem is the hands-on aspect of it. Nobody disputes the power of hands-on work it is the fastest way to input information into a persons nervous system. But this is the best Way to teach. I guess it depends on what you're trying to teach them. I guess it depends on what people despite their need for instant gratification really want from life and therefore from the Alexander technique.

What do our students really want? We think that they want instant gratification , A quick fix. But do they?

I need to take a bunch of Alexandra quotes that kind of outline the bigger picture of what he wanted for people of what he thought was possible but then show how hands-on work is the antithesis of that

How to create a more sustainable or extended relationship with a student that benefits both you and the student


Ability to reach out to people all over the world...The ability to actually have them sample you're teaching without ever having to leave their home...The ability to have a contact with them in between lessons… Debility to create a community around your individual teaching practice if you choose to.

How do we reach people who are not actively seeking out the Alexander technique?

One of the techniques most commonly used online is the lead magnet idea. You offer somebody in your market, a prospective student something that will be of immediate value to them in exchange for them giving you your email address with the implicit permission to contact them again at a later date. Another corner stone of online marketing is an extension of the lead magnet. You offer, for free, a sampling of what you will give them in a paid course.

Give a quick and dirty outline of what online teaching is all about. It should be very offhanded and casual like all of this is obvious but it should induce In the reader the feeling:HE REALLY KNOWS A LOT ABOUT MARKETING, DOESN'T HE!


Teaching your students how to UNLEARN.

For Alexander Teachers...

These three questions may be of interest to you if you're

not able to teach in person right now and/or you cringe at the very

Thought of having to figure out how the heck to market yourself!

Question 1

What if there was simple way of directing
your thinking that was just as effective
and could reliably help you to reach,

teach and keep more students?

Question 2...

What if that change in your thinking improved
your Use while providing you with new tools
that quickly flattened the learning curve
for both you and for your students?


What if these changes enhanced your teaching so

much that it enabled you to deepen your practice,

help a lot more students & build interest

in the Alexander Technique worldwide?

If that Sounds Intriguing…You should defintely check out…


Who could have imagined that the whole world could be turned upside down...

And so quickly!!!

No one escaped the consequences, but as usual, the people living on the margins are the most exposed & have ended up having to bear more than their share of the suffering.

Businesses dependent upon offering their products or services in person to people have also struggled immensely...

And with lock downs and social distancing, the question on the minds of many in our community quickly became:

"How can I properly teach without my being able to touch?"

March 2020

For me, the seriousness of the Covid crisis had become inescapable by the end of February. At that point, I realized that my research into HandsFree teaching might be of use to the Alexander community during this difficult time.

So, with the help of Jennifer Roig-Francoli, I offered a free two day, weekend workshop where I laid out the basics of my approach to teaching the Alexander Technique HandsFree online.

The response was overwhelming.

In order to accommodate everyone interested, two more workshops were added the following weekends and I had to upgrade my Zoom account.

In the end, more than 750 Alexander teachers had attended my little introduction to online Alexander teaching and more than 60 went on to study some more.

December 2020

It's been an amazing year of teaching and learning for me

I think the workshops accomplished a couple of things:

able to breathe (freely) againable to take only so much accept the blame foracquire a taste foracross the boardat the mercy ofall over the mapI happen top have an affinity forat every turnat first glance at first sightat full speedat full strengthwe can't be blamed...but what do we do now? everyone was caught flatfooted but the virus exposed just how vulnerable anyone whose livelihood depends upon person to person contact is under sadly might end up being the new normal going forward. But in our community, it's not like our business was booming along when suddenly Corona hit and then the bottom fell out! Many of us were hovering close to the bottom not being able to earn a living commensurate with the value of what we have to offer. scraping the bottom before. CV just made the facts of our vulnerability inescapable. Let's face it...The entire planet was caught flatfooted by the virus! We were unprepared. It exposed attitudes This section should be spelling out the problem Hi I'm mio Morales, I'm a teacher who trained...lets face it...the world is changing fast. And a lot of people are struggling to keep up...Never has there been more ways to be distracted. The skills we have learned probably have never been needed more. We are both more connected and more isolated. Choice about how we respond to stimulus. This has been a difficult but interesting time for all of us.&#8203