3 Questions For
A.T. Teachers Who...

As the result of the uncertainty caused by Covid, are looking for better
Ways to secure their livelihood and conquer the age old marketing
Difficulties that continue to limit the reach of our teaching...

Question 1...

What if there was simple way of directing
your thinking that was just as effective
and could reliably help you to reach,

teach and keep more students?

Question 2...

What if that change in your thinking improved
your Use while providing you with new tools
that quickly flattened the learning curve
for both you and for your students?


What if these changes enhanced your teaching so

much that it enabled you to deepen your practice,

help a lot more students & build interest

in the Alexander Technique worldwide?

If that Sounds Intriguing…Then you really should check out…

The First Comprehensive A.T. Training System Dedicated to the
Teaching & Marketing of the Alexander Technique Online...


We Need To Be
Teaching More People!

Introducing: Primal Alexander

PrimalAlexander™ (P.A.) is a step-by-step A.T. teaching system informed by Alexander’s ‘Evolution of a Technique’, the work of Dr. Frank Pierce Jones and Marjorie Barstow & my more than 3300 hours of research into online teaching & training.

It’s a comprehensive, hands-free, distance teaching method that’s already proving to be of tremendous benefit to a growing community of Alexander teachers hailing from a wide variety of training backgrounds. 

Primal Alexander-Level One is my 12 week entry level training for  Alexander teachers serious about learning an authentic, non-compromising, comprehensive way to teach the Alexander Technique, online or in person, without any hands-on.

It’s part of my post-graduate training program for Alexander teachers looking to reach, teach and keep more new students using the internet both as a teaching and marketing medium.

This course will erase any doubts you may have about the effectiveness of online teaching because you will be able to see for yourself the effect it has upon you and your students.

Primal Alexander-Level One will build your confidence in the power of online teaching and will provide you with the skills & strategies needed  to teach powerful Alexander lessons without having to use your hands.

In this introductory course you will learn…

  • How to facilitate a new student’s head neck reflex without hands-on
  • How to accurately observe the quality of someone’s Use on a screen
  • Movement activities that will improve a student’s use between classes
  • A blueprint for a 45 minute private online lesson 
  • How to use your voice to induce ease in a student
  • How to teach groups online
  • How to begin marketing yourself as an online A.T. Teacher

What exactly is Primal Alexander?

Primal Alexander™ is a step by step approach to teaching The Alexander Technique that focuses on teaching students how to experiment effectively with their thinking and their movement.

By applying a unique kind of Directing alongside a graduated series of self-study “études”, Primal Alexander™ provides students and teachers with a straightforward, easy to follow blueprint for improvement and empowerment.

P.A. is a self-healing process that uses Inhibition & self-observation to create a gap between the stimulus to act and our response.

In that gap, timely constructive thinking allows our native movement intelligence to preempt our habitual way of moving while it reinforces the neural pathways that lead to better Use at that moment and in the future.

Three of the assets within Primal Alexander™ that any Alexander teacher can immediately incorporate into their teaching and self-care are this Level One course. They are:

  1. An awareness process called 3EasyQuestions™,
  2. A collection of home-study activities called TheÉtudes™ & 
  3. A mind frame called ThePrimaryConcern™


3EasyQuestions™ is my approach to teaching constructive conscious control. It’s based on the simple discovery that when a person directs their attention to places of relative ease in their body, the head/neck reflex is facilitated.

Here’s how it works:

When exploring the possibility of easier movement, after inhibiting, in the gap between stimulus and response, instead of traditional orders or directing, you quickly assess these three things about yourself in sequence:

  1. Where you’re currently noticing places of relative ease,
  2. What effect noticing that ease is having on your general Use  
  3. How that effect is changing as you begin to engage in your activity.

This gentle, but focused curiosity about the ease you’re currently experiencing shifts your attention in a way that circumvents your usual habit patterns. 

It facilitates the Primary Control which reorganizes your movement on the fly, allowing you to perform the activity with increased ease.

As a form of Constructive Thinking, 3EasyQuestions™ allows the actual direction to come from the natural adaptive response of your nervous system. 

You make a conscious choice to direct your attention to ease and then stand back and notice what happens. This prevents you from imposing a habitual feeling-based concept of forward, up, head, neck or body upon the process.

3EasyQuestions™ is a new take on constructive conscious control that is so easy to implement it can be taught to a brand new student in a first lesson.

In the hands of a teacher, it also becomes a potent self-healing tool that reveals and erodes deep habitual patterns that tend to be imperceptible & therefore impenetrable. 


TheÉtudes™ are the “lightweight” home study activities that students do for a few minutes every day. They form the practice material they use to actualize what they are learning in the group class.

Like the Études in classical music pedagogy, these are studies; opportunities for  students to learn specific skills in a simplified, focused setting. When done regularly the Études…

  • Give students a simple & revealing way to practice directing.
  • Keep them engaged with their studies between lessons.
  • Empower them in their own learning.
  • Provide a way of facilitating the Primary Control on their own.
  • Give them a way to improve their Use whenever they want.
  • Teach Inhibition, Non-doing and Directing quickly.
  • Improve their sensory appreciation.
  • Develop the awareness they’ll need to apply the Technique in any activity.


The Primary Concern is the foundational concept that underlies all of PrimalAlexander.  It is the root formulation of the self-experimental process that Alexander pioneered. The Primary Concern takes the form of the question: 

What’s happening to my Use as I _____?

(any activity can be put in that blank)

When you can ask and answer that question a few times during an activity, you’ve begun to “think in activity”. It’s the key to understanding how the “end” you’re trying to gain is affecting the way you’re using yourself. Namely, how the manner in which you are doing things NOW is affecting your present and future ability to function efficiently (the “means whereby”).

Asking that question brings the “end” and the “means whereby” into the same frame so that you’re able view the changes in each simultaneously.

That way, when the way you’re doing something begins to interfere with your coordination, you become aware of it and have a chance to make a change. 

That’s the bigger picture of how the Études function in Primal Alexander. Through consistent daily practice, they quickly teach a student the value of “thinking in activity”  and a simple way to do it.

Here's what we'll be covering:

  • TheTeachers12™(The 12 Etudes teachers do daily)
  • 10 Week Game Plan For Teaching TheStudentEtudes™
  • Blueprint for a 45 minute, one on one first lesson 
  • SubtleMovementEmpathy™ (Observation) 
  • VoiceTouch™ (Using your voice to induce improvement) 
  • HiveMindfulness™(Teaching groups online) 
  • ConstructiveConversing™(Verbal teaching strategies) 
  • MeansWherebyMarketing (Building a following online)

In this course you will learn how to become aware of and then subsequently untie the psycho-physical knots that limit your effectiveness as practitioner and teacher of the Alexander Technique.

With an assortment of new tools and objective feedback from me and the other members of this course you’ll be able to enhance and refine your teaching much more quickly, assuredly and easily than you can on your own.

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