For Alexander Teachers...

These three questions may be of interest to you if you're

Not able to teach in person right now and you cringe at the very

Thought of having to figure out how the heck to market yourself!

Question 1

What if there was simple way of directing
your thinking that was highly effective
and could reliably help you to reach,

teach and keep more students?

Question 2...

What if that little thinking change improved
your Use and provided you with new tools
that sped up the development process
for both you and your students?


What if these changes enhanced your teaching in
ways that enabled you to deepen your practice,
help a lot more students & build interest

in the Alexander Technique worldwide?

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Look...Who Knew?

Who could have imagined that the entire planet could be turned upside down almost overnight.
Unless you are a virologist, The Covid 19 pandemic took you completely by surprise...

able to breathe (freely) again

able to take only so much

accept the blame for

acquire a taste for

across the board

at the mercy of

all over the map

I happen top have an affinity for

at every turn

at first glance 

at first sight

at full speed

at full strength

we can't be blamed...

but what do we do now?

everyone was caught flatfooted but the virus exposed just how vulnerable anyone whose livelihood depends upon person to person contact is under

sadly might end up being the new normal going forward.

But in our community, it's not like our business was booming along when suddenly Corona hit and then the bottom fell out! Many of us were hovering close to the bottom not being able to earn a living commensurate with the value of what we have to offer. scraping the bottom before. CV just made the facts of our vulnerability inescapable. Let's face it...The entire planet was caught flatfooted by the virus! We were unprepared. It exposed attitudes This section should be spelling out the problem Hi I'm mio Morales, I'm a teacher who trained...lets face it...the world is changing fast. And a lot of people are struggling to keep up...Never has there been more ways to be distracted. The skills we have learned probably have never been needed more. We are both more connected and more isolated. Choice about how we respond to stimulus. This has been a difficult but interesting time for all of us.