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 March 12th thru 16th, 12-1:30 New York Time

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If you're an Alexander Teacher who is looking for some fresh ideas that will...

  • Boost your effectiveness...
  • Sharpen your marketing and...
  • Get you more students!

You should definitely

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The Teacher's Lounge is my membership site for Alexander teachers who are looking to expand their repertoire of advanced Alexander teaching skills.

The Teacher's Lounge is where I teach Primal Alexander™ my "no-hands", verbal and observationally based approach to teaching the Alexander Technique.

Primal Alexander™ draws a lot of its inspiration from the "Evolution of a Technique" chapter in The Use of the Self.  

This approach is rooted in my belief that deep and continual improvement of your Use is a function of clear guidance, your informed experimentation, your perseverance, and the amazing plasticity of our human mind and body.

In every class we're exploring...

  • hands-free Alexander teaching, 
  • advanced verbal  and observational skills,
  • group teaching techniques,
  • how to escape habit loops...
  • handsfree Alexander teaching
  • acute verbal & observational skills
  • group teaching techniques
  • how to escape habit loops...

And many other aspects of applying and teaching the Alexander Technique... including unique strategies that will help you to reach more students.

Primal Alexander™ is an engaging, multi-faceted approach to teaching A.T. It can be used when teaching  groups or privates and it's equally effective whether you're teaching in person or online 


Primal Alexander™ is an engaging multi-faceted approach to teaching A.T. It can be used when teaching  groups or privates and it's equally effective whether you're teaching in person or online PLUS...

 Classes in The Lounge  

Are a Lot of 




​The Lounge  

Are a Lot of 


A Few Comments From Lounge Enthusiasts

Mio's approach is simply the most direct,
clear and global one I've come across.

Mio is a fun and engaging teacher. He is excellent at really applying the Alexander technique while he teaches a group. He won't let you get away with half thinking in activity. The constructive changes are instant and lasting that's what I find most important and stimulating while learning with him.

Working with Mio for the last two years or so, I've enjoyed experiencing the ease, simplicity and intelligence of my body's natural coordination. This class gets to the core of Alexander's thinking process rather than the procedural techniques he passed on. I have been studying A.T. for the past 14 years now and Mio's approach is simply the most direct, clear and global one I've come across.

Eleni Vosniadou // A.T. Teacher/Musician

The class is a pleasure every time and my learning has grown exponentially!

Mio's on-line class has really helped my confidence grow in the 'Hands-Off' area of AT teaching, which is incredibly helpful to me in group scenarios, and for on-line teaching, both of which I use in my teaching practice.

It's also offered me more ways of being able to layer light and joyful qualities to the way I teach Alexander Technique. I like to make it fun as much as possible! My perspective has certainly widened and it's been a lot of fun!

Angela Bradshaw //  A.T. Teacher

Mio has empowered me with tools that have infused a deeper sense of Ease into my teaching, my playing and any experience. 

When I began attending classes, Mio’s emphasis on self-observation and wondering about ease began to spill over into my daily life in very practical ways. My understanding of the Technique became much clearer – to the point that one of the most stressful years of my life also became one of the best.

Over recent months, I have watched my technique transform and my musical expression deepen with unimaginable ease. I now have the  tools to continue doing this for myself. I am now comfortable calling myself a “violinist” again, and I know this is only the beginning – which I find extremely exciting!

Jennifer Roig-Francoli // Musician/ A.T. Teacher

I hope, in this life, everyone has a chance to work with him!

What can I say about Mio? Well, for starters, no single person has had a more profound effect on my physical well being. Meeting him began a long period of being pain free. And not pain free in the sense that someone healed me...but pain free in the sense that I now have ‘control’ over my own well being.

What Mio teaches is that A.T. is something you both do for yourself and that you allow to happen. I’ve spent most of the last decade trying to forget everything I ever learned, from yoga directions to Alexander directions...All you have to do some constructive thinking and then watch what happens to the Ease...It’s so much more effective and simple! Thanks, Mio!

Bruce Winstone // A.T. and Yoga Teacher/Rolfer

The MasterClass Schedule

Usually, the Lounge meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-1:30 EST. 

During the Free MasterClass Week (March 12-16), I'm adding additional classes on Tuesday 3/13 and on Thursday 3/15 at the same 12-1:30 PM meeting time.

That will make for five FREE 90 Minute MasterClasses from 12-1:30 that week!

Access to the MasterClasses will be via ZOOM a free, super simple, intuitive conferencing program.

You will be receiving a link via email as the week approaches that will take you directly to the class.

You can download ZOOM in advance ( or you can do it when you click the link on the day of class. It's easy even for the technologically challenged!

Everyone is welcome to attend any classes that fit their schedule, however, if you are brand new to my teaching or would like a little refresher, I would recommend your first coming to the intro classes on Monday and/or Tuesday.

(-: Happily :-)


Become the kind of open, supportive environment where you can kick back, share successes, insights, war stories and learn powerful new techniques that will transform your teaching and your Alexander business.

It's a Alexander mastermind group where teachers can support and challenge each other by giving and receiving the kind of timely objective feedback essential to continuous positive growth. 

If you've ever felt a little "stuck" on occasion, it's a great place to shake things up by expanding your teaching repertoire and giving you the chance to experiment with new ways to reach more students more easily.

In the Teacher's Lounge we're helping each other to apply F.M.'s genius more and more effectively and that's leading us to better and better Use of ourselves which is making it much easier to improve the Use our students



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The Teacher's Lounge

Free MasterClasses

12-1:30 NewYorkTime

The Teacher's Lounge

Free MasterClasses

12-1:30 NewYorkTime

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