New Tools For Alexander Teachers

New Tools For

The Club

The CoachingClub is a weekly masterclass for Alexander teachers who want to refine their skills, add new tools to their repertoire or increase their ability to reach and teach more students.

TheClub is a recurring membership where members, depending on their plan, meet via Zoom either once, twice or three times per week.       

The research I’ve been doing into the viability of a totally HandsFree approach to Alexander teaching has yielded some surprisingly powerful methods & strategies that have proven extremely valuable to Alexander teachers regardless of approach. 

In TheClub, I will focus on sharing the techniques that:
1) will be most useful to Alexander teachers who do hands-on work &
2) are the easiest to integrate into more traditional approaches to teaching A.T.

In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

Choose 1, 2 or 3

Saturday 12PM
Tuesday 5PM -Thursday 3PM
Times are Eastern U.S. Timezone

Classes are 90 Minutes

Each class begins with the études. The remainder of the class I teach new material & answer questions

Every Class is Recorded

Recordings are available same
day and can be accessed for
1 month after the class

Members Only
Facebook Group

Very active for posting questions,
assignments and getting
my feedback via video

Daily Étude

Once a day I’ll do our
études live on
Facebook & talk about their form and function

Live Private Talk

Every Wednesday at 4 PM Pacific
I share my thoughts about
recent classes

Take Up to…

16 Classes/Month





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