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Mio’s approach is simply the most direct, clear & global one I’ve come across.

Mio is a fun and engaging teacher. He is excellent at really applying the Alexander technique while he teaches a group. He won’t let you get away with half thinking in activity. The constructive changes are instant and lasting that’s what I find most important and stimulating while learning with him.

Working with Mio for the last year or so, I’ve enjoyed experiencing the ease, simplicity and intelligence of my body’s natural coordination. This class gets to the core of Alexander’s thinking process rather than the procedural techniques he passed on.


I begin teaching all my lessons with the Primal Alexander™ HandsFree approach

For many months now, before I use any hands-on contact, I begin teaching all my lessons with Mio’s Primal Alexander™ HandsFree approach to teaching the Alexander Technique.


The experimentation at the heart of Primal Alexander™ puts students in charge of improving their own coordination and makes them much more successful at it.


(This) enhances my awareness especially when I’m working in person with hands-on 

I really enjoy and have greatly benefited from the way Mio’s teaching has influenced and enhances my awareness especially when I’m working in person hands-on with my students. with


I highly recommend Mio’s class to all Alexander teachers whether you want to learn to use if to learn to observe subtle changes in your students without using your hands or if you want to refine your presence and ability to use your hands in your teaching.


The Facebook group between classes was incredibly valuable…

I was really glad to have the opportunity to encounter the Primal Alexander études again a year later and see how much they have evolved. I’m so grateful to have gotten more information on these really effective tools .

What I found most valuable was the opportunity to see how other people were bringing these tools into their own lives and experiments. The Facebook group between classes was incredibly valuable. It really helped me stay with my own experiments and it was also really valuable to see what other people were up to.

The group assembled was wonderful and the whole way the teaching process has been honed over time really makes me look forward to having the opportunity to learn more soon.


Mio has given me tools that can infuse a deeper sense of ease into any experience.

When I began attending classes, Mio’s emphasis on self-observation and wondering about ease really began to spill over into my daily life. My understanding of the Technique became much clearer – to the point that one of the most stressful years of my life also became one of the best.

Over recent months, I have watched my technique transform and my musical expression deepen with unimaginable ease. I now have the  tools to continue doing this for myself. I am now comfortable calling myself a “violinist” again, and I know this is only the beginning – which I find extremely exciting!


Now, thanks to the class, I’m feeling that as I get older my future will be bright, it will be fun and it will always be full of new wonders

Before Mio’s class I couldn’t imagine learning A.T. online.To me, A.T. was about how I moved my body. With online lessons I’ve found that the key is my thinking. By experimenting and observing I can improve myself by myself and the speed of change is amazing!

I can take a lesson anywhere even in a hotel room on business. I’m much more relaxed and can express my emotions more easily around people. I used to get stressed by demanding too much of myself and had a vague sense of anxiety about my future. Now, thanks to the class, I’m feeling that as I get older my future will be bright, it will be fun and it will always be full of new wonders


I seem to be much more alert & sensitive to the nuances within each moment.

Lately my constructive thinking has become more dynamic.  I seem to be much more alert and sensitive to the nuances within each moment.  My tension early warning system is proactive, offering me the opportunity for choice. In a split second!


What strikes me is how simple this all is. I’m able to use constructive thinking in a laboratory-like setting which has been very valuable for integrating it into other aspects of my daily life.



I miss our weekly sessions.


Mio is great at teaching without ever making you feel like you’re wrong.

Since working with Mio my way of understanding AT has gotten so much deeper. I feel a lot calmer these days and I can see things more as they really are. I’m much less judgmental and I’m beginning to understand just what “Non-Endgaining” really means! My self-confidence has grown a lot, and no matter what happens, I’m able to deal with things much more constructively.

In our classes we experience an incredibly warm and tender atmosphere which in my experience is very rare. Mio is great at teaching without ever making you feel like you’re wrong. We freely share our experiences and what we’re learning and that makes our personal changes even more powerful. There is truth here.


I hope in this life everyone has a chance to work with him. Thanks, Mio!

What can I say about Mio? Well, for starters, no single person has had a more profound effect on my physical well being. Meeting him was the beginning of a long period of being pain free. And not pain free in the sense that someone healed me…but pain free in the sense that I now have ‘control’ over my own well being.

What Mio teaches is that A.T. is something you both do for yourself and allow to happen. I’ve spent most of the last decade trying to forget everything I ever learned, from yoga directions to Alexander’s classic directions…All you have to do is Notice the Ease…It’s so much more effective and simple!

I hope in this life everyone has a chance to work with him. Thanks, Mio!


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HEY! 50 bucks is 50 bucks!

Value: $50


2 free months of MeansWherebyMarketing! Teaching HandsFree opens up a world of new marketing possibilities. Prospects will be able to easily experience your actual teaching. Great for building an online community around your teaching and offering a meeting place online for your one on one private students.

Value: $150


2 Free months of TheLessonArchiveSeries. A curated collection of Primal Alexander lesson videos. The best examples of the Primal Alexander teaching approach in action.

Value: $300


2 Free months of the TheLessonWith/CommentarySeries…Lessons with stop and go commentary. You’ll also get a version of the lesson played out in real time without any commentary. Very instructive.

Value: $300

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How does the membership work?

TheCoachingClub is monthly recurring membership. How long you stay is up to you.

How does the schedule work?

There are 3 Class times per week. Saturdays at 12 Noon, Tuesdays at 5PM and Thursdays at 3PM in the Eastern U.S. Timezone. 

If you choose the BASIC (4 classes/month) or the MOST POPULAR (8 classes/month) packages you will be limited to the same 1 or 2 classes each week. BEST VALUE members are of course free to attend any class.

Every class is recorded so that if you have to miss a class you’ll still have access to the material.

How do I actually get to the class?

All the classes happen on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Zoom is a free program.

30 minutes before each class you will receive a link for that class. You click the link and you’re there.

If it’s your 1st time ever, clicking the link will take you to a page where you can download the free software and then join the class

If I choose the 4 or 8 class package can I come to any class?

No. You’re limited to the same one of two classes respectively.

How are the videos delivered?

The videos live on the Vimeo platform. You will have your own personal video collection populated by videos of the classes you have attended. I will send you the link and password for your collection.

How much time do I have to watch the videos?

You will always have access to the video from each class for one month from the date of the class that holds if you choose leave TheCoachingClub. 

Can I see the videos from other classes?

Normally, no…however, there’s an auditing upgrade available on request.