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From:Mio Morales
Hello+Happy 2020!

Hey…If you’ve ever been frustrated with your progress as an Alexander teacher/entrepreneur, I know just how you feel…I have truly been there!

Given the value of what we have to offer, people should be busting down doors to book lessons and then be absolutely delighted to spread the word to all their friends, family and co-workers.

Just imagine what that would be like…


Now that might just seem like a pipe-dream, but lately, I’m actually staring to see it beginning to happen…

And I’ll tell you how…

For almost a decade now, my single-minded focus has been the development of a completely functional, totally hands-free approach to learning & teaching the Alexander Technique.

I have always believed that since Alexander was able to do it, it could be done by others as well…That there might be a way to learn what he learned without having to use mirrors and without it taking quite so long.

Well…I’m happy to say that my research is coming to fruition and in the last few years I’ve been training other Alexander teachers to teach in this way too.

But, even more exciting, my explorations have given rise to techniques & strategies that are proving to be of tremendous value to A.T. teachers across the board even those with little or no interest in distance teaching.

These simple yet powerful ways of working will enhance the hard-won teaching skills you already possess while providing new tools that will deepen your teaching and increase your effectiveness.

Starting next month I will begin sharing these tools in the 1st of a series advanced training opportunities for adventurous Alexander Technique teachers looking to expand their repertoire and extend their reach.

So…If you’ve been feeling a bit stuck or you’re just up for checking out some new ways to boost your flexibility as a teacher and broaden your influence as an educator.

Please Come Join Us Next Month In…

The Club

The CoachingClub is a “Q&A” style masterclass for Alexander teachers who seek to refine their skills, add new tools to their repertoire or increase their ability to reach more students. TheClub is a recurring membership where members, depending on their plan, meet via Zoom either once, twice or three times per week. 

The research I’ve been doing into the viability of a totally HandsFree  approach to Alexander teaching has yielded some surprisingly powerful methods & strategies that have proven valuable to Alexander teachers of all stripes.

Informed & inspired by the “Evolution of a Technique” chapter in The Use of the Self,  these ways of working harken back to the original methods Alexander created to solve his vocal problems and make his discoveries; methods that lead to our understanding exactly how the way we think affects the way we move.

Its Purpose

TheCoachingClub is super practical and all about problem solving. My purpose is to provide Alexander teachers with a place each week to gather online and together tackle the challenges that members face day in & day out in their teaching practice. 

I have been coaching and training Alexander teachers for over 35 years, and I draw upon that experience to create a challenging but collegial atmosphere that is both serious and light-hearted. Intense at times, but always supportive & accepting. 

The Club is a community and a learning lab. A collaborative online space  where Alexander teachers from all over the globe can compare notes, share questions and find answers together.

As the “Learner-In-Chief” I lead the charge, the magic is in  the collaboration, the meeting of minds peer-to-peer. The knowledge shared in the Club and the feel of the experience itself  just might stir memories in you of wonderful workshops you’ve attended over the years or the very best days of your teacher training.

New Tools And a New Kind of Direction

1. Primal Alexander™

Over the past decade, I’ve been developing an approach to applying Alexander’s discoveries and teaching the Technique that does not require hands-on kinesthetic guidance. 

As a complete teaching system it’s called Primal Alexander™ & it’s a comprehensive set of techniques, skills, activities & explorations that I originally developed to meet the challenges of teaching beginning students online. 


In the last four years, what’s been especially satisfying for me has been seeing just how valuable this approach is proving to be for Alexander teachers, especially when it comes to their own skill refinement, group teaching, observation and proactive self-care.

2. “Questions as Direction” & A Little Bit of Homework

There are 2 things in particular that make this learning possible for both students and teachers. The first is an awareness process I call 3EasyQuestions™. Here’s basically how it works: 

After inhibiting, in the gap between stimulus and response, instead of traditional orders or directing, you quickly assess these three things in sequence:

  1. Where you’re currently noticing places of relative ease,
  2. What effect noticing that ease is having on your general Use and finally…
  3. How that general effect is changing as you begin to move.

This gentle, but focused curiosity about the ease you’re currently experiencing shifts your attention in a way that circumvents your usual habit patterns. It facilitates the Primary Control which reorganizes your movement on the fly allowing you to do whatever you happen to be doing a lot more effectively.

3EasyQuestions™ is a new take on constructive conscious control that is so easy to learn it can be taught to a brand new student in a first lesson. In the hands of an experienced teacher, it becomes a potent self-healing tool that reveals and erodes even deep habit patterns that previously had been totally imperceptible.

3. The Études

The second key to the effectiveness of Primal Alexander™ are the Études: the
“lightweight” home study activities that students do for a few minutes every day. Their name and functionality is borrowed from classical music pedagogy. these When combined with 3EasyQuestions™ these little explorations…

In my classes I speak a lot about a concept I call “The Primary Concern” which poses the question:

“What’s happening to me as I ____?”

(Where the activity you’re engaged in goes in the blank)

To me, if you can answer that question when the chips are down then you are truly “thinking in activity”. It’s the key to understanding how the “end” you’re trying to gain is affecting your present & future ability to function ( the “means whereby”).

Asking that question puts the “end” & the “means whereby” side by side so that you can see them both at the same time. That way, when your obsession with getting a particular result interferes with the process, you become aware of it and can make a change.

In a sense, that’s the big picture of how the Études function in Primal Alexander™: one step at a time they steadily teach you how to really “think in activity”.

“Anyone can do what I do,
if they will do what I did.”

4. Re:Evolution of a Technique

I remember reading that quote for the first time as young, slightly fanatical Alexander enthusiast and feeling like Alexander tossing out a challenge…challenging me to buckle down and apply what he had discovered with more zeal.

Did I aspire to someday being able to do what Alexander could do? Yes, I did! Was I willing to sit in front of mirrors for years and years to achieve what he did…Apparently not, because I never did.

However, as the years went by, I came to realize that spending all that time in front of the mirrors was not what Alexander did as much as it was how he did what he did…What he actually learned how to do in front of those mirrors was to…

Experiment on himself!

For me, the key to getting the most out of Alexander’s amazing discoveries is to follow  him down the road of self-experimentation. We have a huge advantage over Alexander. Because as a result of his brilliant efforts we know without a doubt, that there truly is gold at the end of that experimentation rainbow. 

Primal Alexander™ is a step by step approach to improving you Use by learning how to use movement to experiment on yourself. Applying a different kind of directing and a graduated series of self-study “études”, Primal Alexander™ provides students and teachers with a straight forward, easy to follow blueprint for improvement.

It’s a self-healing process that uses Inhibition & observation to create a gap between stimulus and response that allows our native movement intelligence to preempt our habitual way of moving while it reinforces the pathways that lead to better Use now and in the future.

For the Alexander student, this flattens the learning curve, empowers them in their healing process & keeps them studying longer. It gives to the Alexander teacher a simpler means whereby to “stick to principle” more fully and more often so that you can more deeply enjoy and share this wonderful work with the world.

Here’s TheClub in a Nutshell

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Classes are 90 Minutes

Each class begins with the études. The balance of the class is a Q&A
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day and can be accessed for
1 month after the class

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my video feedback

Daily Étude

Once a day I’ll do our études
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The Perfect Surrounding

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Untying Habitual Knots

Using tools like 3EasyQuestions you’ll be able to reveal and root out habitual movement patterns that had become so ingrained that they became virtually invisible. 

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The Perfect Surrounding

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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Untying Habitual Knots

Using tools like 3EasyQuestions you’ll be able to reveal and root out habitual movement patterns that had become so ingrained that they became virtually invisible. 

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1. By doing the basic etudes and learning 3EasyQuestions you’ll have a powerful new kind of directing/constructive thinking to explore.

Inhibition Bootcamp

Inhibition Bootcamp

What to expect

The Structure of a Class

The Untying of Invisible Knots

Deepen The Art of Your Teaching

Stop doing what you know to be wrong. The right will come of itself. It is natural to be right, but not habitual, so let nature do it for you. As you progress you will be able more and more to stop doing the wrong things.

Patrick MacDonald

Here is What
Teachers Are Saying

Mio’s approach is simply the most direct, clear & global one I’ve come across.

Mio is a fun and engaging teacher. He is excellent at really applying the Alexander technique while he teaches a group. He won’t let you get away with half thinking in activity. The constructive changes are instant and lasting that’s what I find most important and stimulating while learning with him.

Working with Mio for the last year or so, I’ve enjoyed experiencing the ease, simplicity and intelligence of my body’s natural coordination. This class gets to the core of Alexander’s thinking process rather than the procedural techniques he passed on.


I begin teaching all my lessons with the Primal Alexander™ HandsFree approach

For many months now, before I use any hands-on contact, I begin teaching all my lessons with Mio’s Primal Alexander™ HandsFree approach to teaching the Alexander Technique.


The experimentation at the heart of Primal Alexander™ puts students in charge of improving their own coordination and makes them much more successful at it.


(This) enhances my awareness especially when I’m working in person hands-on with my students. 

I really enjoy and have greatly benefited from the way Mio’s teaching has influenced and enhances my awareness especially when I’m working in person hands-on with my students. 


I highly recommend Mio’s class to all Alexander teachers whether you want to learn to use if to learn to observe subtle changes in your students without using your hands or if you want to refine your presence and ability to use your hands in your teaching.


The Facebook group between classes was incredibly valuable…

I was really glad to have the opportunity to encounter the Primal Alexander études again a year later and see how much they have evolved. I’m so grateful to have gotten more information on these really effective tools .

What I found most valuable was the opportunity to see how other people were bringing these tools into their own lives and experiments. The Facebook group between classes was incredibly valuable. It really helped me stay with my own experiments and it was also really valuable to see what other people were up to.

The group assembled was wonderful and the whole way the teaching process has been honed over time really makes me look forward to having the opportunity to learn more soon.


Mio has given me tools that can infuse a deeper sense of ease into any experience.

When I began attending classes, Mio’s emphasis on self-observation and wondering about ease really began to spill over into my daily life. My understanding of the Technique became much clearer – to the point that one of the most stressful years of my life also became one of the best.

Over recent months, I have watched my technique transform and my musical expression deepen with unimaginable ease. I now have the  tools to continue doing this for myself. I am now comfortable calling myself a “violinist” again, and I know this is only the beginning – which I find extremely exciting!


Now, thanks to the class, I’m feeling that as I get older my future will be bright, it will be fun and it will always be full of new wonders

Before Mio’s class I couldn’t imagine learning A.T. online.To me, A.T. was about how I moved my body. With online lessons I’ve found that the key is my thinking. By experimenting and observing I can improve myself by myself and the speed of change is amazing!

I can take a lesson anywhere even in a hotel room on business. I’m much more relaxed and can express my emotions more easily around people. I used to get stressed by demanding too much of myself and had a vague sense of anxiety about my future. Now, thanks to the class, I’m feeling that as I get older my future will be bright, it will be fun and it will always be full of new wonders


I seem to be much more alert & sensitive to the nuances within each moment.

Lately my constructive thinking has become more dynamic.  I seem to be much more alert and sensitive to the nuances within each moment.  My tension early warning system is proactive, offering me the opportunity for choice. In a split second!


What strikes me is how simple this all is. I’m able to use constructive thinking in a laboratory-like setting which has been very valuable for integrating it into other aspects of my daily life.


I miss our weekly sessions.


Mio is great at teaching without ever making you feel like you’re wrong.

Since working with Mio my way of understanding AT has gotten so much deeper. I feel a lot calmer these days and I can see things more as they really are. I’m much less judgmental and I’m beginning to understand just what “Non-Endgaining” really means! My self-confidence has grown a lot, and no matter what happens, I’m able to deal with things much more constructively.

In our classes we experience an incredibly warm and tender atmosphere which in my experience is very rare. Mio is great at teaching without ever making you feel like you’re wrong. We freely share our experiences and what we’re learning and that makes our personal changes even more powerful. There is truth here.


I hope in this life everyone has a chance to work with him. Thanks, Mio!

What can I say about Mio? Well, for starters, no single person has had a more profound effect on my physical well being. Meeting him was the beginning of a long period of being pain free. And not pain free in the sense that someone healed me…but pain free in the sense that I now have ‘control’ over my own well being.

What Mio teaches is that A.T. is something you both do for yourself and allow to happen. I’ve spent most of the last decade trying to forget everything I ever learned, from yoga directions to Alexander’s classic directions…All you have to do is Notice the Ease…It’s so much more effective and simple!

I hope in this life everyone has a chance to work with him. Thanks, Mio!


 problem solving technique. 

“One of the true epics of medical research.” 

The healing power of problems The power of attention


HandsFreeThinking for Hands-on teaching.

The Focus

The Tools

The Group




The Primary Concern

the frame of your awareness


STOP TRYING! Your nervous system is teaching you non-stop. You just need to stop knowing and start learning.

That makes our habits virtually invisible to us because we gravitate towards the safety of what’s familiar. It’s not our fault. It’s part of our survival wiring!

Learning to Teach / Teaching to Learn


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