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From:Mio Morales
Hello+Happy 2020!

Hey…If you’ve ever been frustrated with your progress as an Alexander teacher/entrepreneur, I know just how you feel…I’ve been there!

Given the value of what we, as Alexander teachers, have to offer, people should be knocking down doors trying to book lessons, take our courses. And then be absolutely delighted to spread the word to all their friends, family and co-workers.

Ironically, as a result of my research into teaching without Hands-on, I’ve discovered some things that could really be of value to Alexander teachers in general with regard to your teaching and to your marketing as well!

These simple ways of working quickly enhance the hard-won teaching skills you already possess & provide you with a
potent set of new tools that will deepen your teaching and greatly expand its reach.

Starting next month I will begin sharing them in the 1st of a series post-graduate training opportunities for Alexander teachers who interested in increasing their flexibility as teachers and broadening their influence as professionals.

So…If you’d like to add to your group teaching chops, hone your observation skill, expand your awareness or increase the effectiveness of your hands-on work.

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The Club

TheCoachingClub™ (TCC)  is a “Q&A” style masterclass perfect for any Alexander teacher who would like to refine a skill (like hands-on), add new tools to their repertoire or increase their ability to reach more students.

The research I’ve been doing into the viability of a totally HandsFree  approach to Alexander teaching has yielded some very powerful methods & strategies that have proven valuable to teachers however they choose to teach.

These ways of working harken back to the original methods Alexander created to solve his vocal problems, make his discoveries and to teach himself and others.They are informed & inspired by “Evolution of a Technique” in  The Use of the Self.

They are procedures that leverage observation and experimentation as the chief engines of change, build confidence and self-reliance and, as a result, accelerate the progress of both students and teachers.

A Solution Community

TheCoachingClub is all about problem solving. The curriculum is super practical because it always centers around the specific challenges that members are facing every day in their teaching.

I’ve been coaching and  training Alexander teachers for over 35 years, and I draw upon that experience to create a challenging but collegial atmosphere that is both serious and light-hearted. Intense at times, but always supportive & accepting. Did I mention that we have fun?

The Club is a community learning lab. A collaborative space online where A.T. teachers from across the globe can gather each week to share our questions and find answers together. As the “Learner-In-Chief” I lead the charge, but so much of the magic is in what happens between us colleague to colleague, peer-to-peer.

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