These 3 Questions May Be of Interest To Alexander Teachers

Who Can't Teach In Person Right Now & Who Forever Cringe At The

Thought of Having To Figure Out How The Heck To Market Themselves

Question 1

What if you could learn a very simple shift
in thinking that more & more Alexander
teachers are relying upon to reach,

teach & keep more students?

What if you could learn the very simple shift in thinking that more & more
A.T. Teachers rely on to reach,
teach & keep more students?

Question 2

What if that change in thinking improved
your Use & provided you with new tools
that sped up the learning process
for both you and your students?

What if that thinking change improved your Use & gave you cool new tools
that sped up & deepened learning
for you and your students?

Question 3

What if these 2 things ended up being the keys
to your being able to deepen your practice,
help a lot more students & build interest

in the Alexander Technique worldwide...

What If you then had an easy way to teach A.T. online that included a
thrifty way to market yourself
successfully angst free!


to learn a bit more about?

The Beginning

Mio Morales

Okay...Here's how it started...Just about 30 years ago, in a casual conversation with a student after a lesson, I happened to stumble upon a novel kind of directing your thinking that was so direct, intuitive, and easy to teach that...

I Dismissed It...Outright!

Truth be told, it just seemed too simple. It wasn't "scientific" & it just didn't seem rigorous enough. On the other hand, although the immediate improvements I noticed in students were comparatively subtle, they were incredibly significant, because they were totally self-generated by the students! STILL, when it came right down it, my ultimate assessment was: No Big Deal!


Because, at that time, as a result of my training & my having more than 10 years of Alexander teaching experience under my belt, I so fully believed in the preeminence of hands-on kinesthetic guidance that I totally missed what now is so patently obvious.

The Middle

Fast Forward to Japan, 2013

In 2013, I was invited by Jeremy Chance to teach at his annual Spring workshop in the town of Gotemba, which is at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Inspired by the Summer workshops that Marjorie Barstow held in Nebraska in the 70s, 80s and 90s, The Gotemba workshop was a warm and wonderful remembrance of things past.

Needless to say, I had a great time. I met a mix of teachers, trainees and "civilians" all deeply curious about Alexander's discoveries and with a real passion for learning.

After I returned to Oregon, I was contacted by one of the teachers from Gotemba who said that there was a small group of people interested in learning more about my teaching approach.

use a picture of just three of them somewhere

She asked my permission to start a Facebook group to discuss their thoughts about my approach and wondered if I would be willing to answer a few of their questions from time to time.

I was delighted that they were interested enough to want to know more. Truth be told, I was at a crossroads in my life at that point with regard to teaching A.T. and my other career as a composer...But more on that later.

They were deadly serious. Facebook got old because of the translation lag. How much could I convey? Went back to my journals. I had done more experimenting than I had remembered.

No End In Sight

If A.T. can be taught as effectively online what does that open up for us? The promise. You have to experince it to believe it. What's my big idea?

Zoom fatigue
No touching
Can't see in 2d