What If You Could Be Teaching

Anyone Anywhere In The World?

Ah…The Vast Possibilities 

of The Internet!

The Promised Land…

A Land of Opportunity…

   With No Geographical Constraints…


But Wait a Second! 

What about the… 


  • globeLike Not being in the same physical space!
  • Like No hands-on! 

  • Like Nothing but a computer screen to see students!

  • Like Not knowing how to adapt what you already know!

  • globeLike No personal contact!
  • globeLike having No Clue about what will actually work!!! 



Teaching The Alexander Technique Over the Internet

 Does Clearly Present Some Real Challenges…

But There is One Place Where Folks Gather 

To Meet Those Challenges


 A unique resource for any Alexander teacher

interested in mastering Hands-Free, Group or Online teaching

In The Teacher’s Lounge  we explore a system of techniques,

insights and strategies I call Primal Alexander™.  Inspired by the

“Evolution of a Technique” chapter in “The Use of the Self”, Primal Alexander™ is a

Hands-Free approach to teaching A.T. that focuses on the original 

means whereby Alexander made his most essential discoveries: 

Observation and Experimentation

These Are Four Things You’ll

Absolutely Need In Order To Teach

Great Online Lessons…

The Primal Alexander Toolkit

     Tool 1

Questions Not Directions

By simply posing the question: “Where do I notice ease in myself right now?” even a beginning students can begin to use their thinking constructively.

As they progress, they become more and more adept at directing their attention to certain relationships within the body that facilitate the Primary Control and lead to increased ease.

By continually experimenting with these questions and observing their body’s response to them, students come to understand the relationship between how they are using their  thinking and how easily their body is moving.

Tool 2

Subtle Movement Empathy

When teaching online, accurate observation is an absolute must. Fortunately, due to mirror neurons and other mechanisms we human communicate volumes once you know how to listen.

A huge paradigm shift happens when you start thinking of sense perception as sense reception. Instead of looking at a student’s Use, you let the sight of them come towards you and then observe how your own Use is changing.

Then, by noticing how seeing a student’s movement is affecting the quality of your own coordination, you develop an almost spooky ability to know exactly how your students are thinking.

Tool 3

The E.Z. Etudes

Once students know what to do, they will need a means whereby they can practice those skills regularly on their own. That’s where the Études come in.

Everyone is super busy these days, so in order for any kind of home study to really be effective it has to 1) be easy to do, 2) hold students’ interest and 3) take very little time to complete but still be truly transformative.

The E.Z. Études do exactly that! They are a snap to do. Focus on a single skill. They are a training sequence that makes progress tangible. AND they take less than 4:00 minutes a day. Simply put: If students do the Études…they willimprove, u0026amp; FAST.

Tool 4

Hive Mindfulness

The sheer power of the online group learning experience is what has surprised me the most. It’s amazing how people working on themselves separated by thousands of miles can still make the kind of connection that allows us to truly help each other.

A huge part of being human is the degree to which we share experience. Kinetic, emotional, factual, artistic, and spiritual influences move between us, around us and through us.

As an Alexander teacher online you can learn to orchestrate that communication to the benefit of so many people simultaneously. It’s a breath-taking way to share Alexander’s amazing discoveries with a world that’s in such need of them.

So…The Teacher’s Lounge Will…

  • check-circle-oGuide you on how to adapt your “in person” teaching skills to the online learning environment.
  • check-circle-oTeach you a reliable way to facilitate the head/neck reflex without using hands-on. 
  • check-circle-oShow you how to detect subtle changes in a student’s Use even on a computer screen.
  • check-circle-oProvide a teaching strategy and content that you can personalize and use online or off.
  • check-circle-oEquip you with group teaching savvy you can use online, in person or even from a stage or in corporate settings.
  • check-circle-oFocus your use of language, voice tone, phrasing and presence in order to convey or discern information.
  • check-circle-oGet you comfortable with the simple technology you’ll use to teach successfully online with the greatest of ease. 


Mio’s approach is simply the most direct, clear and global one I’ve come across.

Mio is a fun and engaging teacher. He is excellent at really applying the Alexander technique while he teaches a group. He won’t let you get away with half thinking in activity. The constructive changes are instant and lasting that’s what I find most important and stimulating while learning with him.

Working with Mio for the last year or so, I’ve enjoyed experiencing the ease, simplicity and intelligence of my body’s natural coordination. This class gets to the core of Alexander’s thinking process rather than the procedural techniques he passed on. I have been studying A.T. for the past 12 years now and Mio’s approach is simply the most direct, clear and global one I’ve come across.

Eleni Vosniadou  // A.T. Teacher/Musician

The class is a pleasure every time, and my learning has grown exponentially! 

Mio’s on-line class has really helped my confidence grow in the ‘Hands-Off’ area of AT teaching, which is incredibly helpful to me in group scenarios, and for on-line teaching, both of which I use in my teaching practice.

It’s also offered me more ways of being able to layer light and joyful qualities to the way I teach  Alexander Technique. I like to make it fun as much as possible! My perspective has certainly widened and it’s been a lot of fun

Angela Bradshaw //  A.T. Teacher

Mio has empowered me with tools that have infused a deeper sense of Ease into my teaching, my playing and any experience. 

When I began attending classes, Mio’s emphasis on self-observation and wondering about ease began to spill over into my daily life in very practical ways. My understanding of the Technique became much clearer – to the point that one of the most stressful years of my life also became one of the best.

Over recent months, I have watched my technique transform and my musical expression deepen with unimaginable ease. I now have the  tools to continue doing this for myself. I am now comfortable calling myself a “violinist” again, and I know this is only the beginning – which I find extremely exciting!

Jennifer Roig-Francoli // Musician/ A.T. Teacher

I hope in this life everyone has a chance to work with him. 

What can I say about Mio? Well, for starters, no single person has had a more profound effect on my physical well being. Meeting him began a long period of being pain free. And not pain free in the sense that someone healed me…but pain free in the sense that I now have ‘control’ over my own well being.

What Mio teaches is that A.T. is something you both do for yourself and that you allow to happen. I’ve spent most of the last decade trying to forget everything I ever learned, from yoga directions to Alexander directions…All you have to do some constructive thinking and then watch what happens to the Ease…It’s so much more effective and simple!

Thanks, Mio!

Bruce Winstone//  A.T. Teacher/Rolfer


If…you’re interested in exploring the possibility of adding online teaching to your repertoire


You’re curious about what a comprehensive approach to online teaching might look like… 


You’d like to feel more confident teaching the Alexander Technique to groups..


Sometimes you’d like to have the flexibility to teach effectively without using any hands-on…


You think you’d benefit from being part of an active, supportive learning community,..


Come Join Us In the Lounge!

The Lounge meets 4 times a week every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 12-1:30 New York time.

  • Full members come as many as times as they like
  • Come for any portion of the class
  • Full members have access to the videos of every class 

Consciousness of Intuition

The main emphasis of Primal Alexander™ is to give students the tools they need to more fully understand how their moment to moment internal reactions and decisions determine how easily they function in the external world. 

Alexander said: “Mine is a method for the control human reaction” Understanding the exact consequences of those reactions is the key to understanding Inhibition, End-gaining, Faulty Sensory Appreciation etc. Alexander’s genius was that he was able make all those amazing discoveries by simply experimenting on himself!

As a teacher, I feel it’s my job to help students learn how to accurately explore  their own thinking within the context of their body’s reaction…To give them the means whereby they can detect sooner when they are getting in their own way. 

Then, as they know more and more precisely when they’re interfering with themselves, I can offer them strategies to use whenever they’re motivated enough to make a change… I can function as a mirror to amend or corroborate their intuitions and as a cheerleader to support their exploration of the unfamiliar.

(Did you know that cauliflower is a member of the cabbage family?)

The Teacher’s Lounge is a recurring membership

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