If We Can’t Touch,

How Do We Teach?

This global pandemic is forcing everyone everywhere to think differently.

Sadly, the things that we have to do to keep safe are the very things

That will continue to make it even tougher for us to make a living.

(Especially if you’ve never really had quite enough students)

What Can We Do To Safegaurd

Our Livelihood in the future?

“How To Really
!Teach A.T. Online!”

An Introduction to:


The First Alexander Technique Training System

Developed Specifically For Online Teaching

Hi…I’m Mio Morales. I’m an Alexander teacher/trainer who trained with Dr. Frank Pierce Jones from 1972-1975 and Marjorie Barstow from 1972-1993.

Since 2005, I’ve been teaching & training Alexander teachers using a unique approach to the Alexander Technique developed to address the specific limitations and possibilities inherent in online teaching.

PrimalAlexander™ (P.A.) is a hands-free, distance teaching method that’s already proving to be of tremendous benefit to a growing community of Alexander teachers hailing from a wide variety of training backgrounds.

It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step teaching system informed by Alexander’s ‘Evolution of a Technique’, the work of Dr. Frank Pierce Jones, Marjorie Barstow & my more than 3,000 hours of online teaching experience

“How To Really Teach A.T. Online” is my entry level training for teachers & trainees serious about refining their skills, adding new tools to their repertoire or reaching and teaching more new students.

This course will increase your sensitivity, deepen your understanding, challenge your assumptions and build your confidence as you learn to teach powerful Alexander lessons without any hands-on any time you need to or simply choose to.


People will do anything for those who 

  1. encourage their dreams, 

  2. justify their failures, 

  3. allay their fears, 

  4. confirm their suspicions, and 

  5. help them throw rocks at their     enemies.






When I first started teaching online, the big unknown was whether or not it was possible to teach the Alexander Technique as effectively without hands-on guidance as it can be taught with.

One thing we did know, indisputably, was that it totally possible to LEARN the Alexander Technique effectively without any hands on guidance because Alexander did it.


During those 3000 hours of teaching


It’s not news that Alexander’s work has long been underappreciated. What is news is the unprecedented opportunity we have to easily share his work with a global audience using the internet.

But that sharing would basically be for naught if the quality of the teaching was to suffer.



PrimalAlexander™ is a perfect answer to the difficult challenges that we as Alexander teachers are facing today. Challenges that go beyond just the limitations we’re dealing with because of the global health crisis.

Despite its efficacy as an agent of positive change, Alexander’s work is underappreciated and so under-utilized at a time when it’s needed more than ever.

PrimalAlexander speaks to both of those issues by virtue of its focus on the experimental process that Alexander developed to make his discoveries and its embrace of the technological means whereby we have been gifted with.

With an in depth look at the learning mechanisms that Alexander discovered and the savvy to leverage technology for teaching, community building, self-study and marketing…

PrimalAlexander is a innovative, forward facing examination of the power of Alexander’s discoveries when we strip his work down to it’s most fundamental and functional elements!

The most important thing about PrimalAlexander™ is the way it could change the way we can interface with the world. The ability to teach the highest quality Alexander lesson to anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection could finally…


 immense  promise it holds for the future. It’s ideal for teachers looking to acquire new tools, hone old skills or sharpen perceptions, but the way it leverages technology is what sets it apart.

In this course you will learn how to…

 Amongst many other skills!

You will benefit from a structured learning system geared for today. One that will not only improve your own Use help your students to do the same but one that grow your online and in person practice by helping you to reach, teach & keep a ton of new students living anywhere in the world!

   “The true value of this approach goes 

  way beyond just online teaching!”

Graciela Alvarez

The Way It Works

“A new field of practical experimentation upon the living human being.”

That’s the field that P.A. lives in.

P.A. is about empowerment. FM was powerless over his habits

It was through experimentation & self-observation that the Alexander Technique came into being. En route

When Alexander embarked upon


to solving his vocal problems, Alexander created what he called: 

“A new field of practical experimentation upon the living human being.”

Inhibition, Direction, Non-doing, Mind/Body Unity and all of Alexander’s  other seminal discoveries came to light as a direct result of  his expansive explorations in that field. He even taught that way for many years.


PrimalAlexander™ is a comprehensive but intuitive teaching & learning system where the focus in this session is upon four areas 


  1. Helping students detect when the way they are thinking interferes with their moving.

  2. Giving them tools to use as soon as they notice that interference starting to happen.

  3. Providing a home practice regimen to sharpen those tools & increase their overall understanding & awareness.

  4. Creating a learning environment that supports their efforts and keeps them engaged & motivated.


 increasingly more aware of the relationship between how they are thinking and how they’re moving. At it’s heart is a process called 3EasyQuestions.


Empowerment .Quick description of 3EZQs and The Primary Concern



 hands-on work the process is taken over by the hands. PA goes back a step to the process. PA teaches you an updated version of Alexander’s process.

Learning How to Experiment

P.A.’s focus is upon 4 things:

Although hands on work can be a powerful agent of change in the life of a student, unfortunately, when it comes to their learning how to work on themselves it can be disempowering actually impeding that kind of learning.

From the very 1st lesson, the goal of  PrimalAlexander™ is to empower students in their own learning. To help them experience & understand how the thinking choices they’re making create the movement results they’re getting.

Rethinking of conscious control

Through activities, changes in perspective & novel strategies, P.A. lays out a course for students that leads to a practical understanding of  the essential  principles of Alexander’s work that can be put into practice more easily. 

I want them to be able to apply Inhibition, Non-Endgaining, Non-doing and Thinking in Activity so that their sensory appreciation can become reliable enough for them to detect when they begin to interfere with their natural coordination.


Paint them a picture of what A typical class looks like give a rundown of the order of events


This is not a rehash of …This is a re-imagination…What if FM had never decided to use his hands. Where might the Technique be now after a hundred years?





From the very outset of my own training, besides being in absolute awe of the fact that Alexander solved his vocal problems and without benefit of receiving hands-on guidance…

I often wondered how the Alexander Technique might have evolved if F.M. had continued to explore using only words, voice and presence as the means whereby he taught. What if he had just never decided to use his hands?

What Alexander was able to do he did so by developing his powers. His latent powers of observation, attention and persistence and most importantly: Conscious Control, his power to change his habitual responses to stimuli.


Here are some of the results their students have reported






Here are some of the benefits that teachers are experiencing from learning to work this way