If We Can’t Touch,

How Can We Teach?

The fundamental upheaval in the World due to the

Pandemic has made our lives more difficult.

Almost overnight our accustomed ability

To make a living by teaching is suddenly…

! In Doubt !

 sO wHaT CaN yOu dO?

Learn To…

!Teach A.T. Online!




The First Comprehensive
Alexander Learning/Training System
Developed Specifically For The Teaching of…





Hi…I’m Mio Morales. I’m an Alexander teacher/trainer who trained with Dr. Frank Pierce Jones and Marjorie Barstow from 1972-1993.

Since 2005, I’ve been teaching students & training teachers using a unique approach to the Alexander Technique I call PrimalAlexander™(PA).

PrimalAlexander™ is a distance teaching method based upon the kind of experimental process that Alexander originally used to solve his vocal problems and to make his other discoveries.

It’s a hands-free approach that’s already proving to be of tremendous value to a growing number of traditionally trained Alexander teachers who are studying it in order to overcome the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

At the heart of Primal Alexander is a simple discovery I stumbled upon years ago. I found that when you can observe yourself with an open, almost childlike curiosity…

And then guide that curiosity by asking ask a particular question…That question gently redirects your attention towards places of relative ease in your body which facilitates the head/neck reflex releasing excess tension.


The simplicity of this process makes it easy to teach and it is so effective that anyone, including brand new students, can, from their very first lesson, consciously facilitate their own head/neck reflex & improve their own Use.


This unique approach to conscious control is easy to do, easy to teach and doesn’t require any hands-on guidance, which is why it’s become the perfect solution to the distancing protocol that we’re facing these days.

By combining this new approach to directing with graduated system of skill building activities and a simple daily practice regimen, PrimalAlexander™ is transforming the way teachers are teaching by improving the way they work on themselves.


Here’s what those teachers are saying about PrimalAlexander™

“I can now allow my head to go forward and up and free my neck just as a thought process. Amazing!”
Akiko Kodate
Akiko Kodate
“Gosh, where do I start?! It has changed and opened up my thinking in all sorts of ways. The reason I have always loved and been passionate about AT is because it is a life-long learning tool, and I’m always amazed and delighted by how my thinking can be challenged, changed and opened out – I just didn’t expect this from online work.”
Jennifer Roig-Francoli
Jennifer Roig-Francoli
“I feel easier 🙂 — inside of activities like acting or making music I feel softer and can practice inhibition without feeling stuck.”
Jill Clayton
Jill Clayton
I find it much ‘easier’ to access ease through Primal Alexander than through traditional ordering/directing. I generally feel calmer, less reactive, and more objectively observant of myself and others.
John DoeCEO
John Doe
The new focus on facilitating ease on the spot, whatever I do wherever I am is always so delightful and so empowering. I am more myself in certain situations and after 20 years of AT and I worked all these years quite regular, I now have a mental working tool to speak ‘when I am ready to speak’ Can’t believe what took me so long . Hahaha Thank you for that especially.”
Rob MillerCEO
Rob Miller

Okay…So What Exactly Is Primal Alexander?

“We discover consciousness by inhibiting
unconscious behavior. It arises in the gap.
It is something that is there waiting,
not something we create.”

Marjory Barlow

As a teaching method, PrimalAlexander™ is inspired and informed by the kind of experimentation Alexander originally did to solve his vocal problems and make his other discoveries.

Through a simple, practical & intuitive approach to Inhibition, Non-Doing  and Thinking in Activity and Non-Endgaining teachers can more quickly

Through the development of  a technique of recognizing interference in themselves and others teachers have a quick and direct way to: