If We Can’t Touch,

How Can We Teach?

The fundamental upheaval in the World since 

March has made our lives beyond difficult.

Almost overnight, our usual ability to 

   Make a living is suddenly…

! In Doubt !


 wHaT Do wE dO?


Check Out…

!Teach A.T. Online!

An Introduction to…



The 1st Comprehensive Training System
Developed Specifically For Teaching




Hi…I’m Mio Morales. I’m an Alexander teacher/trainer who trained with Dr. Frank Pierce Jones and Marjorie Barstow. 

For the past 15 or so years, I’ve been exploring, developing  and teaching a unique approach to the Alexander Technique called PrimalAlexander™.

PrimalAlexander™ is a HandsFree teaching method that’s already proving to be a lifesaver for a host of Alexander teachers…

But it’s ultimate value goes beyond its obvious usefulness during this global health crisis.

PrimalAlexander™ is a comprehensive but intuitive teaching & learning system where the focus in this session is upon four areas 

The Power of Experimentation
Alexander used experimentation…

The Power of Ease

The Power of Practice
when Pablo Casals

The Power of Community

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 The idea behind the course…

I need a bit of a description of the what the course teaches:


The ending should talk about the crisis and the free workshops.

The day that the tragedy of the pandemic really hit home for I realized that the Alexander Community was really at risk.



Here’s What Teachers Are Saying About the Course:








Deepen your hands-on work

  Without having to leave your living room…

The value of being able to teach 

the Alexander Technique effectively without Hands-On

has become obvious in this time of lockdowns  and social distancing but the deeper values

It is a simple systematic approach to teaching Alexander’s discoveries inspired and informed by “evolution of a technique” from the use of the self.

I was always fascinated by the kind of experimentation Alexander did to solve his vocal problems and make his seminal discoveries.

The fact that he was able to do so just by experimenting with his thinking fascinated me. Furthermore, that he was able to do it without having received the kind of hands-on guidance that usually

comes to mind when we think of Alexander teaching was a revelation to me.

An easy to learn, powerful but simple system.

Reframing many of the basic concepts that you have learned about Alexander teaching

The focus upon work on yourself

A powerful, but simple and easy to learn system that will


I have dedicated…

It takes time to translate your hands-on in person teaching practice  a viable alternative online.

I can save you time and guesswork by teaching you the techniques that have proven effective over the course of the more than 3000 hours ive logged teaching the Alexander Technique online 

since 2013.  

developing Over 3000 teaching and training hours online during the past eight years.

Helping you get started

Helping you get your practice off the ground

Helping you get your feet wetThe