As part of the expansion of Primal Alexander™, beginning Monday, June 3rd, I will be leading a new class called: PrimalEtudes™. The class is open to everyone: Alexander teachers, trainees, and even people who have never had Alexander Technique lessons before.

Weekdays from 11-11:45 Eastern U.S., we’ll be getting together on Zoom run through the seventeen essential Primal Alexander Études central to integrating Alexander’s discoveries into our daily activities as efficiently & effectively as possible. 

It’s been proven to me over and over that speed and depth of someone’s improvement is directly related to how often they mange to use Constructive Thinking in their daily life. In my experience, nothing develops and supports your ability to do that better than regular practice of the Études.

But let’s face it, being with consistent with anything is really tough because of how many interests compete for our attention. This is especially true when the value of the time spent can so easily substantiated in concrete terms.

We’re all aware of the theoretical value of applying what Alexander discovered as often as possible in our daily life, but EndGaining often keeps us from devoting the kind of time that would yield the kind of results that make finding time to do that a no-brainer.

That’s the reason I’ve created this class. Doing TheEtudes with others at a set time each day makes it much easier, more fun and a lot more potent. Group learning of anything promotes accountability, motivation and emotional support. This is especially true when it come to a daily practice of things like yoga, meditation and the Alexander Technique.