The Free Primal Alexander™
Basics Course

Hey, Mio Here! 

Primal Alexander™ (P.A.) is a comprehensive, step by step, self-teaching approach to the Alexander Technique designed to inspire students by immediately empowering them in their own learning.

This free basics course introduces the fundamentals of P.A. and is suitable for both people new to the Alexander Technique as well as current and former A.T. students looking to deepen their understanding and speed their progress.

The core of Primal Alexander is a uniquely powerful method of self-experimentation that is easily learned, fun to do, but surprisingly transformative! 

When combined with activities that help you harness the power of your attention and…

CuriosityEtudes™ that open you up to whole new world of possibilities… 

This graduated learning system is proving to be a real game-changer when it comes to efficient and effective kinesthetic re-education and is helping people change 


P.A. is informed by Alexander’s “Evolution of a Technique” and in many ways echoes what Alexander did in order to solve his vocal problems and make his ground-breaking discoveries…


Because it’s effectiveness is not dependent upon in person, 1 to 1, hands-on kinesthetic guidance, it is ideal for online teaching, group learning and is both convenient and economical!


Although I’ve been teaching this material fro a long time this course represents a new way of presenting the material as well as some new things that I’ve only shared with Alexander teachers I’ve been training




Gets to the root how to observe etc neurological


What you’ll be learning in the 4 classes can be applied to any level of understanding


Good primer for my upcoming Teach Yourself The Alexander Technique™



Truth be told, you know, from the getgo I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with hands-on Alexander work.


I absolutely loved how quickly and deeply I was transformed me by ease and how wonderful it felt to do things so effortlessly… but…


I hated the fact that when I was on my own there’s was no way I could recreate that amazing change in the quality of everything I did…


And I had two of the great hands-on teachers: Dr. Frank Pierce Jones and Marjorie Barstow, both trained by Alexander 

Week 1: Direction

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Week 2: Inhibition

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Week 3: Thinking in Activity

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Week 4: Non-Doing

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