Primal Coaching Club '23

An Online Community of Alexander Teachers Interested

In Exploring New Directions in The Alexander Technique

Things Are Looking Up!

In the last few months, cool things have been coming together in
Primal Coaching Club (PCC). Lots of growth for everyone & in many
directions. Here are of the things that have stood out for me...

Yogi Berra said:

"You Can Observe A Lot Just By Watching"

To teach A.T. effectively w/o hands-on, you need first rate observation skills. When I first started training teachers on line, I wasn't sure I could teach teachers to do that because I had little idea how I myself had actually learned because it had happened gradually over decades.

Recently I have witnessed a remarkable blossoming of observational skill in the members of PCC due to everyone's effort and my own clarity about the process. It's called Subtle Movement Empathy™ and by centering your attention on the changes your experience Ease, you can "read" the changes happening in the student.

"The things that don’t exist are the most difficult to get rid of."

F.M. Alexander

One cornerstone of Primal Alexander™ is the quest to reveal hidden faults. A.T. is a problem solving technique that depends upon realizing that there is, indeed a problem to be solved. It wasn't until F.M. lost his voice that he even had an inkling he had a problem serious & stubborn enough to required him to rethink everything he thought he knew.

Our habits are experientially invisible to us. We are so practiced at them & they happen so fast that their familiarity make us feel so safe & in control they become inseparable from who we think we are. More & more, as a result of our classes, PCC members help each other with the insight & support we need to leap over the know into something new.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many
possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few”

Shunru Suzuki

End-gaining is doomed from the start. The singular focus that is so good at getting things done, in the end, does us in; but we barely even notice.We are transfixed by results, by the "end product" that is, in fact, just the next beginning. There are no ends to be gained separate from the means whereby we reach them so there's really nothing but beginnings.

IMA means "Now" in Japanese."Now" is both beginning & ending. We only experience "Now" when we let go of "knowing" to let learning rush in. In PCC we are learning a new way of learning based on being really curious about one simple question: "Am I getting easier or less easy?" and whatever the answer, you just ask the question again.

4. "It Takes a Village To Raise a Child"

African Proverb

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So if you're...

Zen mind beginner's mind quote
When I first started training teachers online in 2013, observation was the one thing I wasn't sure about. In order to teach A.T. without hands-on, you need to be able to know with precision what's going on in a student just by "lookin' at 'em". My own observation skills developed over decades starting with watching Marjorie Barstow teach for 20 years & then composing music for dancers
for more than 30! The question was: could I teach people

But perhaps the best thing for me is finally understanding how to integrate Hands-on teaching with handsFree teaching.

Eva being able to see more

I'm excited because

lot The progress that everyone's been making...Ideas I've had about how a person's Use be it from teacher to student or student to teacher.. The depth at which we as humans share experience...How we can leverage our innate vulnerability to change to make better decisions...The power of Ease...The lateral learning that happens in a community even in an online. Community..the quality of everybody's thinking.. and teaching.., a real training has evolved out of the sad ashes of Covid 19

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