The Secret to Reaching, Teaching,

& Keeping More Students

A Primal Alexander™ Training w/ Mio Morales

Saturday 1/22/22
12-1:30 Eastern Time Zone


Sunday 1/23/22
12-1:30 Eastern Time Zone

"Primal Alexander™ has really saved me as an AT teacher. It has brought me so much closer to FM's process. Always putting the focus on objective self-observation has improved everything I do as a teacher plus I now have the skills to teach high quality lessons online, without hands-on making it possible for me to teach students living anywhere in the world. Very cool!"

"I've experienced changes in thinking that affect use. Changes in Use that affect sensitivity; Greater capacity to recognize and accept unusual sensory experience. A decrease but not a cessation, of the desire to "fix things that are wrong" Greater ability to recognize end-gaining. Greater confidence in my agency as a teacher."