ello to all!

Is it just me…or is time itself actually accelerating?

August is almost gone already! Used to be that when August hit it’s mid 20s,  that signaled Summer’s end and time to start…


Because of…


I hated going back to school and all of it’s sedentary boredom. I hated having to learn things their way(no surprise)…

And I absolutely hated having to memorize stuff.

(I did look forward to seeing all my pals again…But that was about it.)


THIS Summer was far from being a vacation in the usual sense…

But it was a fruitful wonderful working vacation.

My Japanese training course was in full swing, I had few cool side projects and…
I just launched the next Level 1 class of teachers new to PrimalAlexander…


Without a doubt the absolute highlight of the Summer of 2020, has been the huge success of the first CoachingClub Level 2 Class.

(About half of the original Groups 1 & 2  re-upped and re-formed into an amazing little learning community)

With the basic P.A. skills and understanding under their belts, your colleagues have made huge strides…especially in the areas of improved use, teaching confidence and observational acuity(both inward and outward) and it’s been great to witness and be a part of.

For me, I think the teaching has gotten better. More focused. A more varied curriculum. More clarity. More 1 to 1 instruction and more FUN!

All of us in this first CoachingClubLevel2 class have truly been deepening our appreciation and understanding of Alexander’s discoveries.

We’ve been learning how better to teach those discoveries as well as how better to learn from them…

Which is making even more obvious the immense potential of continuing to work together to develop our ability to teach his work HandsFree!


If you’re up for having some company once again in your ongoing Alexander learning journey…


Here’s The Scoop!

More Breakout Room Sessions

This time around we’ll be using the Breakout rooms more often to explore a variety of new things including opportunities to explore group teaching techniques and some interesting experiments with your “teaching voice”.

“Generic” Teaching Strategies

I’m going to map out specific strategies that can be applied to working with three common activities: walking, working at a computer, and getting in and out of a chair.

A New Etude or Two PLUS More “I Chuan”

We’ll be adding a new movement series called “TinyTaiChi” which will sit between an expanded “I Chuan” and “BigBen”. Plus, you’ll learn “TheQuad” which will help you to “leave your hands alone” when you’re using them.

New Kinds of Constructive Thinking(C.T.)

We’ll also be expanding your Constructive Thinking repertoire with new tools. Techniques like “The Undoables”, “Ricochet” and “Osmosis” which build upon 3 Easy Questions by layering and sequencing your C.T. in new ways.

In general we’ll be going deeper into
the things we’ve already been working on

  • We’ll be developing lesson “recipes” & addressing sticking points 
  • There will be more chances for you to work with each other in class
  • There will be more explorations to be done outside of class
  • I’ll be giving individualized feedback on your C.T. & your teaching
  • We’ll be taking a look at what P.A. can do for your Hands-on work.

Like Before…The curriculum will be adapted to your needs and interests as they arise in your teaching.Now that you have a grounding in the PrimalAlexander™ basics, we’ll be able to move through its material in whatever direction best serves the teaching situations you’ll be finding yourself in. 


We will meet every Monday and Thursday for 12 weeks starting September 14th from 11AM-1PM using the old link and password. The two hours of class time will enable us to cover more ground and allow there to be time for three private mini-lessons per class.
New Facebook GroupThe Facebook Group will again be an important communication hub for the work we do together. In the week or so, I will create a BRAND NEW Facebook group for our continuing adventures and I’ll let you know when it’s up It’s a 12 Week Course Not an Ongoing Membership for:
(Which actually makes it a tad cheaper than before)

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As surprising, fun and useful TheCoachingClub #1 proved to be…It was just the beginning. I think the value of this approach to teaching Alexander’s discoveries goes way beyond dealing with our not being able to teach in person right now.

Primal Alexander presents a powerfully simple way to really know when you’re helping yourself and when you’re not and it provides us with an effective, gentle remedy that guides us back on track, improves our Use and is easy to teach.

When we work on ourselves, together, individual insights become communal and they help us all progress faster. The brilliance of what Alexander discovered is so needed right now and we have an unprecedented opportunity to utilize the tools available to us to share his work with just about anyone anywhere in the world.

I hope that you will decide to continue on this interesting adventure we started in March. Thank you for all of your hard work and inspiration. 

Be well, have fun and toss in a few extra ZEROS from time to time.

Take care,



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