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Online Teaching

TheEasyWay™ To:
Boost Your Confidence,
Teach Lots More Students &
Deepen All Aspects of Your A.T. Work

( Including Your Hands-On)

In This FREE 90 Minute Training,
You'll Be Learning:


With TheCyCle™ you'll be able to teach a brand new student how to direct themselves within the first 15 minutes of their first lesson! I feel the faster you teach students how to do things for themselves, the longer they stick around, the sooner they come back to learn even more from you and the more people they tell.


M.J. simplifies the teaching of Inhibition and sets the stage for teaching students how to "Think In Activity". It's the first of the graduated self-study activities I call TheEaseÉtudes™ which makeup the daily practice routine students do between classes. They are the true engines of personal transformation.


Without your hands, the ability to observe accurately is paramount. SubtleMovementEmpathy™ is key to "teaching without touching". When combined with Voicetouch™, online teaching becomes just as effective as in person teaching, is free of geographic restraints & will make it so much easier to market yourself!

More and More Alexander Teachers Are Exploring Online Teaching But...

Covid 19 has put pressure on us to think outside the box and explore what, just two years ago, was virtually unthinkable for most Alexander teachers!

Yes!...It is possible to teach the Alexander Technique online without hands-on and I'm tickled to know that so many more teachers are out there giving it a shot. It's great for the work!

But how long will it take before you to feel fully confident that the quality of your online teaching is as good as the hands-on teaching you've been doing in person for years?

Take this training if you want to experience the many ways that hands-free Alexander teaching will add a new dimension to your A.T. teaching practice especially in terms of reach, efficiency, dynamism and earning potential...

I Promise You Won't Be Disappointed

This Training is a Must Attend IF:
  • You’re tired of not feeling secure about the state of your teaching practice and your ability to bring in a steady stream of new students.
  • You’re concerned that you may have acquired certain teaching habits over the years that have stood in the way of your developing as quickly as you would have liked.
  • You’re excited about the potential of adding online skills to your teaching repertoire but would like some expert guidance as to what strategies have been proven to work best.


Hey...This Could make A Huge Difference For You & Your Teaching

I've been teaching & training full time online exclusively for more than 8 years now and I couldn't be happier with the results both pedagogically and financially.

After logging more than 4,000 hours teaching online and having worked with hundreds of students, teachers and trainees...

I've developed a suite of unique and powerful methods that are proving to be of great value to A.T. teachers who teach online as well as teach in person.

I've discovered ways to combine the internet's easy access and reach with the transformative power of the Technique without compromising effectiveness.

This brand new Masterclass is the culmination of everything I've learned so far about Alexander teaching in general as well as how to adapt it to teaching over the internet without hands-on.

If you're interested in learning how to take advantage of the educational and economic potential of the World Wide Web and you're ready to have some serious fun doing so then...

I can't wait to share with you a few of the best ways I've found to meld Alexander's amazing discoveries with today's technology so we all can enjoy more success and security from the work we love and believe in so deeply.

I look forward to working together, soon!